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Anders Zorn

American Friends of Uppsala University cooperates with The Zorn Collections, one of Sweden’s premier art institutions. According to the original Zorn bequest, Uppsala University is a trustee institution of the Zorn Fund, which is managed by The Uppsala University Foundations Management of Estates and Funds, Akademiförvaltningen.

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Anders Zorn
— Painter of Kings and Presidents

Anders Zorn (1860-1920) is one of Sweden’s most accomplished and beloved artists. Born in humble circumstances in the small village of Mora, he quickly rose to become an international portrait painter of the highest repute. Notable Europeans and Americans of the day, celebrities, kings, queens as well as US presidents, Cleveland, Taft, and Theodore Roosevelt were among his subjects. Today, Zorn’s works are in high demand among collectors all over the world. His artistic skill and ability to capture character with a few sweeping brushstrokes continue to enchant both art connoisseurs and the general public.

Painting the Swedish National Character

Zorn’s enduring popular acclaim is to a large extent based on his nude paintings and genre scenes. His depictions of rustic life and customs from his native province of Dalarna show a world that seems to be frozen in time. Many of Zorn’s genre paintings are perceived to capture the idealized Swedish national character.

Not only a master painter, Zorn also displayed astounding skill with the etching needle. Inspired by Rembrandt’s graphics, he used clusters of lines to form shapes and volumes, shade and light, thus creating etchings still highly regarded for their brilliant technique and artistic expression.

Zorn — The Philanthropist

Anders Zorn succeeded in acquiring considerable wealth and would eventually become a great philanthropist. In their joint will Zorn and his wife Emma (née Lamm,1860-1942) bequeathed almost their entire fortune to the Swedish State, including more than 60 buildings and some 12,000 objects: paintings, prints, silver goods, textiles and pieces of decorative arts. Since the inception of the Zorn Collections, Uppsala University, founded in 1477, has served as one of its institutional trustees. Today, the Zorn Collections consist of four separate branches: The Zorn Museum, the Zorn Manor, the open-air museum Zorn’s Gammelgård with the Textile Collection, and Gopsmor, Zorn’s wilderness studio. Ever since the Zorn Collections opened 70 years ago, they have been among the most beloved and respected art institutions in Sweden.

Corporate Support / Contributions

Thanks to the generous support of friends and donors, we are able to maintain the collection and the historic buildings. In addition, The Zorn Collections offer several special exhibitions annually. To sustain The Zorn Collections’ standard of excellence in all its acti­vi­ties, we rely on the gen­erosity of individuals, foundations, and corporate sponsors. Since 2008, the non-profit US-based organization American Friends of Uppsala University will act as a partner of The Zorn Collections. If you would like to help The Zorn Collections guarantee the preservation of a unique treasure for future generations, please contact the Museum for more information. The Zorn Collections can offer a range of attractive spon­sor­­ship opportunities at various levels of commitment.

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Please contact Museum Director Johan Cederlund for information:

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