Resistance to Antibiotics – A threat to global health

Resistance to antibiotics is an enormous worldwide problem. Almost all bacteria will become resistant to today’s medicine, and within just a few years we will be faced with unimaginable setbacks, medically, socially and economically. Unless we act now. It is our shared responsibility to ensure that current and future generations of people around the globe will have access to effective treatment of bacterial infections as part of their right to health.

What is ReAct? ReAct is an independent global network for concerted action on antibiotic resistance based at Uppsala University. Our longterm goal is to develop a center of excellence at Uppsala University that attacks the resistance problem at all levels to achieve global and sustainable results.

The ReAct Toolbox, is a new web-based resource for taking action on antibiotic resistance. The ReAct Toolbox aims to be a knowledge repository where information needed can be found in one place, providing relevant resources and scientifically accurate information.

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