The Vikings Begin – with Runes

18 September 2019

Welcome to an extra-ordinary lecture with Professor Henrik Williams, Uppsala University on runic inscriptions, on Friday 27 September at 6:30 pm at the American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis.

Runic inscriptions are the only original sources from the Viking world. Professor Henrik Williams, Uppsala University, is a leading expert on the world of runes. In connection with the on-going exhibition "The Vikings begin" at the American Swedish Institute, Professor Williams will give a lecture with focus on particularly fascinating runic items from all over the world.

Research on runic inscriptions is not only about interpreting what is written, but also about opening up a social dimension to our understanding of the words. There are nearly 7,000 inscriptions dating from the second century until the end of the Middle Ages, dispersed throughout Europe. Most of them occur in Scandinavia, particularly in the Uppland region around Uppsala. 

More information on research on runes at Uppsala University, as well as information on how you can support this research field, is available here.

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