Welcome to all our new international scholarship holders

13 September 2019

Scholarship holders 2019. Vice-rector Johan Tysk in the middle.

International scholarship holders were welcomed to Uppsala University at a reception at the University Main Building on 12 September.

In recent years Uppsala University has taken steps to increase the number of international students – partly through scholarships for students from countries outside the EU/EEA and Switzerland who must pay tuition fees. Without a scholarship it is difficult for academically outstanding but less well-off students who have to pay tuition fees to come to Uppsala. The scholarships, some of which come from foundations and private donations, pay for the tuition fees and give these students the possibility of studying at Uppsala University.

This year a total of 91 international students and researchers have been awarded scholarships to study at Uppsala University.

This year’s scholarships:

  • 13 scholarships: Uppsala University IPK Scholarships
  • 8 scholarships: Anders Wall Scholarship Foundation for studies at Uppsala University (for students from China)
  • 6 scholarships: Scholarship Foundation of the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in NY (for students from the US)
  • 3 scholarships: The Scholarship Foundation of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (for students from Hong Kong)
  • 5 scholarships: King Carl Gustaf Scholarship (for students from conflict areas: Afghanistan, DR Congo, Ethiopia, India, Iraq, Libya, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, Turkey and Yemen)
  • 1 scholarship: Uppsala University President´s Club Scholarship (Friends of Uppsala University scholarship)
  • 10 scholarships: Rotary Peace Fellows
  • 45 scholarships: Swedish Institute Scholarships

On 12 September all the new international scholarship holders were invited to a reception in the University Main Building. They were welcomed by the Vice-rector Professor Johan Tysk, along with representatives from foundations and organisations sponsoring some of the scholarships. A former scholarship holder, Ouyi Ge, who received the Anders Wall Foundation scholarship in 2014, shared her experience of her time as a student in Uppsala. Those who wanted were also able to experience some of the University’s art treasures on a guided tour of the building after the mingle in the faculty rooms.

About the international master programmes

The number of international master students at Uppsala University is growing steadily. The number of students admitted to the around 60 international master programmes, with over 100 specialisations, starting in autumn 2019 is 2,564 – which is an increase of almost 10 per cent on the 2,343 admitted last year. The number admitted in the category of students liable to pay tuition fees has also increased from 1,494 to 1,689.

Top five in 2019
Uppsala University’s largest international master programmes, with the number of students admitted in brackets:

  1. Master Programme in Industrial Management and Innovation (228)
  2. Master Programme in Computer Science (188)
  3. Master Programme in Sustainable Development (130)
  4. Master Programme in Renewable Electricity Production (109)
  5. Master Programme in Global Health (81)


Madeleine Mattsson