Corona crisis scholarships for international students

23 June 2020

Many international students have suffered financially during the coronavirus pandemic. Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson yesterday approved coronavirus-related scholarships totalling SEK 2.5 million, to be distributed among international students at Uppsala University.

The scholarships are intended for international degree programme students who are liable for tuition fees and will be awarded upon application, after assessment by the disciplinary domains. They will cover part of the recipient’s tuition fees.

“One important aspect of Uppsala University is its character as an international, integrated research and education environment. The coronavirus pandemic has hit international students as a group in various ways, not least financially, and I hope this measure will make it easier for them to continue with their studies here in Uppsala,” says Vice-Chancellor Eva Åkesson.

These scholarships are being distributed in response to the extraordinary situation that has arisen because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the University also aims to increase the number of scholarships intended for international students in the long term. More scholarships will make the University more attractive internationally and international students enrich the educational environment.

“There is substantial and growing international interest in studying at Uppsala University, which is good for our educational environment and for the University as a whole. Scholarships will increase the number of ambitious students who choose to study in Uppsala,” says Åkesson.