The President’s Club: Friends of Uppsala University

Welcome to join the President’s club Friends of Uppsala University.

Members contribute to the development of research and education at the oldest university in the Nordic countries and meet for exclusive gatherings of common interest.

You can choose between three levels of commitment:  SEK 1 000 (approx USD 100), SEK 10 000 (approx USD 1 000) and 100 000 (approx USD 10 000). Your dedication, your experience and your network will also be appreciated in our continuous development of Uppsala University's research and education. 

Friends of Uppsala University raises membership capital that is trusted in a foundation managed by The Uppsala University Foundations Management of Estates and Funds. The dividends are placed at the disposal of the President of Uppsala University to the benefit of research, education and special projects.

More about Friends of Uppsala University

Professor Eva Åkesson, President of Uppsala University

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Help Uppsala University move forward – join the Friends of Uppsala University!

Join Friends of Uppsala University by donating. Choose between three levels of commitment: SEK 1 000 (approx USD 100), SEK 10 000 (approx USD 1 000) or SEK 100 000 (approx USD 10 000).